Ramadan Reflections 2017

Wow. I can’t believe it’s been two (or one) days since Eid and the end of Ramadan. This has by far been the fastest, and best Ramadans I’ve participated in.

Fasting wasn’t as hard as I’ve experienced it to be, sure there were times where I was really thirsty, or my stomaching was aching, but it was nothing unbearable. I think the way I broke my fast also helped with that. I drank plenty of water and ate hydrating foods. I also didn’t over eat, although this didn’t always go as planned since my family makes amazing food, I need a bit of everything sometimes.

But all in all the fasting went well. Although I didn’t do it as I had hoped, I did connect with my religion and God more. I also decided half way through Ramadan that I would wear the hijab for the rest of it. It was a fun experince since I don’t wear the hijab, but it also did show me I wasn’t ready for it, and that’s ok! Maybe one day I’ll decided to wear it, I’m pretty sure that’s a lot of Muslim girl’s goal, but for now I’ll keep to doing it during Ramadan & when needed.

My main reflection coming out from Ramadan, is being thankful and grateful. One of the reasons why we participate in Ramadan is about knowing what it is like to have nothing. 795 million people (One in nine!!) don’t have access to food or water! Even while participating in Ramadan, we will never know how they feel as we can break our fast, and we know we will be able to break out fast. That’s also why charity is so important during Ramadan. I’m thankful and grateful that I get to experience such a humbling and holy month, and InshaAllah, I’ll be able to celebrate next year’s.





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