New In: Skincare

One of my smaller new year’s resolutions was to take care of my skin. Thank God I’ve been so lucky with my skin, I’ve never suffered from acne as many do, I do get an occasional pimple and it does not come nice.  And for being so good to me, I need to treat it! My sister gifted me these items, and I will say now Yves Rocher is one of my favorite brands for moisturizer, and as far as I’ve seen – not expensive! So I’m really excited to be trying out some of their other products, as well as the other brands listed below!

1. L’orèal Paris
Sublime Glow – Sensational Cleansing Oil

2. PO Care
Coconut Tanning Oil SPF 15

3. Yves Rocher
Active Sensitive – Wrinkle Remover Eye Care, Pure Camille Cleansing Gel, Riche Crème Treatment with Omega 3 6 9, Shimmering Body Lotion (Candied Orange & Cinnamon and Spicy Vanilla)



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