Review: Benefit “They’re Real!” Push-up Liner

I am absolutely in love with Benefit’s “They’re Real!” push-up liner ( have it in the color Beyond Black). I believe it’s the first and only Benefit product I’ve tried, and I am happy!

Until today I’ve only used it on my waterline since I haven’t been able to do a decent cat-eye since I was 16. But I decided that I would rather be late to school with decent looking eyeliner than going to school without attempting. I made it to school on time, and with a damn good cat-eye.

But then came the test! The gel liner would last forever on my waterline, so would it last long as a “normal” eyeliner? On Benefit’s website under the product description, it states,

This matte black gel formula is waterproof and won’t smudge, budge or dry out for 24 hours*.

I can believe that it’s water proof, but smudge/budge proof I will already say did not work for me, since I was able to clean up the line with a dry Q-tip.

I had applied the liner at around 7am, and then set it with my NYX Matte Finish Setting Spray and then lightly pressed some of my H&M Beauty setting powder.

By midday, I checked in my lil’ pocket mirror, and all was well! Fast forward to after being outside in warm weather & sun, at 3 PM, my eyeliner was still there! However, it wasn’t as black, as it was earlier in the day.

Final check in, 10hrs after applying the liner, walking to and from school in the sun & warm weather, the moment of truth. My liner was still there!! As mentioned, it wasn’t as black as it was when I first applied it, it looked like a washed out, but you could clearly see the eyeliner.

I’m definitely so happy over the fact that not only did I line my eyes as good (maybe even better) as I used to, but that the liner was just as good as it is on my waterline. I will say the only thing I dislike about the liner is that when you twist it to push the gel out, it takes a long time to see the gel appear. So you might twist too much thinking it’s not working, then all of a sudden a bunch of gel comes through, so watch out with that!

Let me know if you’ve tried it (and in which color), or if you are thinking about trying it!





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