Eyelash Extensions: My Experience

If I had to choose one makeup product for the rest of my life, it would 99.9% be mascara (0.1% being highlighter). I love long and thick lashes. My lashes are long, however, they grow downwards so they don’t look long unless I curl them. So for fun, I decided to get eyelash extensions, mainly because I found an amazing girl who did them for a much cheaper price than I have ever seen in Denmark/Canada/Anywhere.

If you’re in Birmingham please check out R_lash_rem (Instagram), she did an amazing job and was so sweet, and I am definitely going to hit her up whenever I’m in Birmingham.

The process took almost 2hrs but felt like 1 at most. I opened my eyes to more than I expected. They were definitely bigger and fluffier than I imagined, but I loved it. Rem gave me all the instructions I needed in order to prolong the “life” of the lashes, and a spooly to brush them out. I loved being able to wake-up and go do what I needed without worrying about putting makeup on.

However, I did get tired of them real quick. After getting them done I went to visit my dad and my allergies were not letting me live. It was so hard to itch my eyes without the lashes in the way, and eventually, they became a burden. I tried all to get them to fall out, and (lowkey) ruined my actual eyelashes in the process. So please, please if you want to remove them, get them removed professionally!! I cannot stress that enough, my lashes are only now (after 3 weeks) almost their natural length.

I know it sounds weird that I would still get eyelash extensions, however, it would have to be during the colder months when my allergies aren’t playing with me. I would recommend them to anyone who loves lashes, but mascara and/or falsies just don’t cut it, or for someone who just doesn’t have enough time for makeup!

Check out the pictures & video below!








  1. They look gorgeous! Great review 😀


    1. Thank you so much! Glad you enjoyed! 🙂


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