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On a Budget: Saving My Wallet… and Earth?

People are constantly moving away from home, some alone, and some with others. I think we can all agree when this happens, we want (and need) to save as much money as possible. Here a few of my (possibly very basic) tips and tricks on how I save money. 1. No Heat, No Problem. Some are definitely […]

Racial Issues within Muslim Communities

I recently watched a documentary series called “Muslims Like Us”, where 10 Muslims from each their own background and own practicing ways live together for 10 days. A lot of issues were brought up, but one that really got me thinking was racism within Islam. Islam is known as a faith for all people. You can […]

Tutorial: Basic/Everyday School Make-up

I don’t think I’ve written a beauty “tutorial” post since revamping my blog. Mainly because I don’t want to make them too lengthy, so here’s my attempt at a simple and sweet rundown on my everyday school makeup! 1. Wash & Moisturize I always start by washing my face and making sure I dry it completely before […]

5 Wardrobe Essentials

Before buying extra pieces which you fall in love with, I think it’s so important to have essentials which you can use with these extra pieces you buy. Here are my 5 wardrobe essentials! 1. Good Quality Jeans I know a lot of people who buy jeans left and right, always because a hole comes, […]

Recipe: My Go-To Smoothie

Although this is called a “recipe” post, I don’t consider it one. (I think) Smoothies are pretty easy and simple to make. The only “complicated” part is figuring out what you’re going to put in it! I don’t think my recipe differs from a lot of others, but here you go! Ingredients -1 apple (chopped) […]

Favorites: Youtube Channels

I have a love/hate relationship with Youtube. I go through phases where I can’t stop watching it, and constantly find new channels/types of videos to love, and then I won’t log on for a month or two. Through this complicated relationship, I’ve found a lil’ group of Youtuber’s who I love watching. In no particular order (but […]

ASOS Box: September

If you know me, you know I LOVE and LIVE for ASOS*. It’s such a great online store, with everything you could want and more! I buy from ASOS a couple times a year (God knows once I get a job it’s going to be more often), you can find items for cheaper than what […]