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This is 20: 20 Faves

In celebration of my birthday coming up, I’ve decided to do a bit of a post thread. Mostly themed around the idea of “20 things”. So to kick it off, here are my 20 all time favorite brands/products/things, in no particular order (but alphabetical)! 1. ALDO Flat Lense Round Sunglasses 2. Anastasia Beverly Hills 3. […]

Eyelash Extensions: My Experience

If I had to choose one makeup product for the rest of my life, it would 99.9% be mascara (0.1% being highlighter). I love long and thick lashes. My lashes are long, however, they grow downwards so they don’t look long unless I curl them. So for fun, I decided to get eyelash extensions, mainly […]

Review: Benefit “They’re Real!” Push-up Liner

I am absolutely in love with Benefit’s “They’re Real!” push-up liner ( have it in the color Beyond Black). I believe it’s the first and only Benefit product I’ve tried, and I am happy! Until today I’ve only used it on my waterline since I haven’t been able to do a decent cat-eye since I […]

New In: Skincare

One of my smaller new year’s resolutions was to take care of my skin. Thank God I’ve been so lucky with my skin, I’ve never suffered from acne as many do, I do get an occasional pimple and it does not come nice. ¬†And for being so good to me, I need to treat it! […]

Review: Halal Nail Polish

Alright, lemme just say – wow. This nail polish showed me. I did not expect it to be this great. The only downside I could find was that one coat wasn’t enough, but I usually apply two coats anyways, so is that really a downside? I don’t think LENA states that their products are long […]

Halal Nail Polish? Every Muslim Girl’s Dream

Every Muslim girl faces the dilemma of not being able to wear nail polish at all times because it works against wudhu (a pre-prayer wash which requires Muslims to wash our hands and feet). Water must be able to touch our body, but with regular nail polish, it creates a barrier between the water and […]

New in: Make-Up

I’ve been trying to step up my make-up game, and buy things of quality. This doesn’t mean everything has to come from Sephora, cause’ the drug store does have some plugs. Here are some make-up products I’ve picked up within the last two months, and which I’m testing out. 1. Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz […]