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How To Get Rid Of Negative People: New Video

Hello again! So I’m back to “shout out” a new video I published on my YouTube Channel where I talk about my experience and tips on how to get rid of negative people and kind of how to cope with the after math of getting them out of your life. It’s something that I’m constantly hearing […]

2018 Trend Predictions

Hello again stranger. I know I’m constantly going back and fourth with posting and not, but here I am again! First of, happy new year! Even though 2017 was an OK year for me, I think it was a shitty year for politics and world emergencies. However, the end of 2017 did introduce a new […]

Favorites: Instagrams

I made a post, a lil’ bit ago about my favorite YouTubers, and thought I’d go down the line to the next social media… Instagram! Here are my favorite Instagrammers in alphabetical order!! 1. CCClarkeBeauty I mentioned this in my YouTube post but I found CCClarke on HudaBeauty’s Instagram. I love and live for lip tutorials, […]

Sweater Weather Tag

Although Denmark really only has a week or two of proper Fall weather, it doesn’t mean it isn’t Fall everywhere else! It’s that time when we all get to go out in hoodies and sweaters without being judged anymore! So, in order to celebrate that, I decided to do the sweater weather tag!  1. Favorite […]

Racial Issues within Muslim Communities

I recently watched a documentary series called “Muslims Like Us”, where 10 Muslims from each their own background and own practicing ways live together for 10 days. A lot of issues were brought up, but one that really got me thinking was racism within Islam. Islam is known as a faith for all people. You can […]

5 Wardrobe Essentials

Before buying extra pieces which you fall in love with, I think it’s so important to have essentials which you can use with these extra pieces you buy. Here are my 5 wardrobe essentials! 1. Good Quality Jeans I know a lot of people who buy jeans left and right, always because a hole comes, […]

Favorites: Youtube Channels

I have a love/hate relationship with Youtube. I go through phases where I can’t stop watching it, and constantly find new channels/types of videos to love, and then I won’t log on for a month or two. Through this complicated relationship, I’ve found a lil’ group of Youtuber’s who I love watching. In no particular order (but […]