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This is 20: 20 Things I’ve Learned

Here are 20 things I’ve learned during my little 20 years on this earth. 1. God truly is there for you 2. Always listen to your parents They know whats up and usually tend to be right 3. You will survive what ever bump you’re trying to go across With risk of sounding cheesy, you […]

This is 20: 20 Faves

In celebration of my birthday coming up, I’ve decided to do a bit of a post thread. Mostly themed around the idea of “20 things”. So to kick it off, here are my 20 all time favorite brands/products/things, in no particular order (but alphabetical)! 1. ALDO Flat Lense Round Sunglasses 2. Anastasia Beverly Hills 3. […]

Review: Benefit “They’re Real!” Push-up Liner

I am absolutely in love with Benefit’s “They’re Real!” push-up liner ( have it in the color Beyond Black). I believe it’s the first and only Benefit product I’ve tried, and I am happy! Until today I’ve only used it on my waterline since I haven’t been able to do a decent cat-eye since I […]

Back To School

Happy Monday everyone! This post may seem early for some (those going to university), but it’s a bit late on my part. I started a Spanish summer course last week which will get me the highest level of high school Spanish for future university plans. It’s only four weeks, so it’s very intensive, and this […]

Review: Halal Nail Polish

Alright, lemme just say – wow. This nail polish showed me. I did not expect it to be this great. The only downside I could find was that one coat wasn’t enough, but I usually apply two coats anyways, so is that really a downside? I don’t think LENA states that their products are long […]

Playlist: Summer 2017

Summer is my favorite season because if you live in Denmark you get all kinds of weather. You can have 5 days straight of 25-degree weather, and then a whole week filled with clouds. Sure it’s not ideal, I’d rather have it be warm all the time, but it’s low-key nice because you get a […]

Spring Cleaning, Starting Anew

I’ve had this blog for almost two years this fall, but today will be the start of it. I’m constantly going through periods of wanting to blog all the time, to blogging once every couple of months. I loose sight of where I want this blog to go. I know I will probably continue to […]