Before buying extra pieces which you fall in love with, I think it’s so important to have essentials which you can use with these extra pieces you buy. Here are my 5 wardrobe essentials! 1. Good Quality Jeans I know a lot of people who buy jeans left and right, always because a hole comes, […]

Although this is called a “recipe” post, I don’t consider it one. (I think) Smoothies are pretty easy and simple to make. The only “complicated” part is figuring out what you’re going to put in it! I don’t think my recipe differs from a lot of others, but here you go! Ingredients -1 apple (chopped) […]

I have a love/hate relationship with Youtube. I go through phases where I can’t stop watching it, and constantly find new channels/types of videos to love, and then I won’t log on for a month or two. Through this complicated relationship, I’ve found a lil’ group of Youtuber’s who I love watching. In no particular order (but […]

If you know me, you know I LOVE and LIVE for ASOS*. It’s such a great online store, with everything you could want and more! I buy from ASOS a couple times a year (God knows once I get a job it’s going to be more often), you can find items for cheaper than what […]

It’s finally my birthday and I am 20! You may wonder why I’m posting this as my last in my “This is 20” series. But it just made sense to have this as the ending, and I can look at it on my next birthday and see what I’ve achieved. Hope you guys enjoy reading, […]

Here are 15 questions some of which I’ve thought about, and some I’ve taken inspiration from here. I’m thinking about answering for each birthday of mine until I’m 30 or however long this blog lasts. Maybe I’ll add more or edit them, but for this year, here are the questions. 1. Where am I? Kolding 2. […]

You may have seen many youtube videos of beauty gurus doing an anti-haul, where they list products they won’t buy, or won’t be buying any more. I decided to follow suit, with products which have come out/been hyped from the first half of 2017. Now just because I wouldn’t buy these items necessarily, it does […]